Welcome to the world of Nayab Sadat Construction, Logistic, Technical & Engineering Services Co Ltd. NS is a non-political, not sectarian, non religious, for profit and independent consortium of companies wanted to work in the fields of Construction, Logistic, Technical & Engineering Services.

After registering in AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) NS has started to deliver and serve the best services and solutions to its clients.
The company is self reliant and has strong financial base as well as professional staff that is highly specialized and motivated in their respective fields. These include qualified personnel specialized in diverse fields who are capable of handing assignments at various levels.
We are confident that you have made the right choice in placing your trust in us.

Each of our customers is special to us, and we aim of making sure that you are completely satisfied with your new services. By joining Nayab Sadat Construction, Logistic Technical and Engineering Services Co Ltd, you have joined thousands of people who have experienced high quality Construction, Logistics, Telecom Tower, TV and Internet installation Services, as well as world-class customer.

Nayab Sadat has professional and technical staff in different fields of civil engineering including irrigation, water supply & sanitation, road construction, building construction, structural design, architecture, Telecom Tower, TV and Internet installation Services, as well as in the areas of budgeting, project cycle management, proper and accurate reporting and documentation, data related issues, and training covering all the areas as mentioned above. Moreover, the firm is equipped with new engineering machinery and technology and all its architectural and engineering designs are executed with computer aid programs such as, AUTOCAD, VISIO, 3D MAX, SAP 2000, SAFE 2000, MS Project, Civil CAD and ETABS 2000.

Nayab Sadat has started playing its due role in the construction of Afghanistan by undertaking several construction projects, which are utilized at the same time for learning and capacity building. The firm is advancing in reasonable pace towards the achievements of its goal and objectives. The following sections describe in detail Nayab Sadat Vision, Mission, overarching Goal, Specific Objectives, Main Activities, Geographical Coverage, Nayab Sadat management, staff and functions, and Achievements up-to-date.